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Industrial Valve Co., Ltd. located in Chongqing, Cote Shapingba Fengming Hill, is a professional production of oil and gas storage and transportation of special valves joint-stock enterprises, the company registered capital of 10.5 million yuan, net assets of nearly 3,000 million; the company since 98 years Since its establishment, focusing on research and development of special valves to made into a special direction of the valve. Currently, the company has 11 patents, 3 national key new products, high-tech enterprise in Chongqing.



Company developed and put into use the main    products are protective of water hammer relief valve (pressure relief valve), axial vibration check valve, low friction slow closed through the ball valve, multi-function throttle cut-off venting drain valve, pressure plate valve, double-sealed flat valve, low torque sealing valve, gas valve open and close quickly to meet the needs of low-noise environment throttle tube, throttle plate and high-performance sealing butterfly valve, liquefied petroleum gas valve, oxygen valve Shi Liutai special series, a more than a thousand specifications. Products for oil, gas, water, slurry and other media to meet the range: use of pressure PN1.0-70.0MPa, nominal diameter DN25-1200mm, temperature t, -40-540 ℃.


The company has tested various types of valves and test the ability to obtain the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification standards, special equipment manufacturing license (TS-A level certification) and the American Petroleum Institute's API-6D certification.

Company's products in China, Central Asia and Africa, a number of key projects and the use of long-distance pipeline, was well received. One company is in the oil and energy networks, the physical installation of oil companies, Langfang Pipeline Bureau, Western Pipeline Bureau, the Changqing Oil Field, Southwest Oil and Gas Field and other units of the network company, is in the western oil pipeline Bureau of excellent suppliers.

Cote is a growing technology companies, over the years by friends and colleagues in the community support and care, we will make every effort, overcoming difficulties refinement, quality cast brand, to win market services, innovation and development, provide more and better products, so China's best manufacturers of valve industry.

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