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The adjusting valve for gas or steam may generate noise.It is needed to control this unnecessary noise to allowable level.At the downstream of adjusting valve,we may install an adjustment device that may  reduce the passing area.In a cost effective way,we may achieve a silencing effect same as themultisection reducing valve.The throttling plate of the cylinder is generally installed on the right back of  the valve outlet.According to the extent.....

Gate valve

The Z43wHF Forced Double-seal Flat Gate Valve is mainly installed in the station of petroleum or natural gas gathering and transporting pipeline,suitable for such medium as petroleum,natural gas,liquefied petroleum gas and water.It can be widely used in the field of petrochemicals,metallurgy,construction,civil aviation,airport,urban water supply or drainage.Main parameters:PN1.0~70.  .....

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Pressure relief valve

The relief valve system is a pressure protection device requisite in closed transmission pipeline.When the outbound control valve is out of control,or the protection is disabled as the pipeline pressure trips the pump,or the pipeline pressure is too high or the outbound pressure is higher than the preset vlue,the relief valve will be opened to discharge the fluid medium in the pipeline to storage tank.This can  .....

Check valve

The valve has general check valve function, it is also suitable for pigging sets used on pipeline. The valve is equipped with hydraulic damping cylinder body, with liquid damping cylinder and damping functions, and can be opened manually valve lock tight fix to meet the inverse transmission process needs, the valve is provided with a hard and soft two sealing structure with low pressure sealing performance (the factory test minimum sealing pressure is.03MPa). The valve can be used for crude oil, oil and non corrosive fluid pipeline......

Cut-off valve

Throttle DU41DB/PU41DB cut-off vent valve, drain valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, construction, etc. industries, nominal pressure for PN1.0-70.0Mpa and working temperature for -45-450 DEG C oil, gas, water, acid and alkali medium transmission pipeline, control fluid opening and closing network and regulator vent, the use of sewage. 


Gate valve

Caliber: 15-1400mm;Pressure: Class150-Class900;Temperature: -41-121 C;Use medium: oil, gas, water, etc;Operation mode: manual, electric, pneumatic;Product main technical features:Eccentric structure, which is beneficial to open and close

Light weight, simple structure;Large diameter specifications, flowUses: truncated distribution function

Gate valve

Nominal diameter: 20~450mm;Nominal pressure: PN1.6~42MPa;Flow coefficient: CV0.01~2450;Leakage level: IV~VI level;Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, corrosion-resistant alloy, etc.;Adjustable ratio: 50:1;Temperature range: -195~566;Use medium: oil, gas, water, etc;Features: high precision, light weight, small size;Operation mode: electric and pneumatic

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